House of Urnebes combines a hostel, coffee shop, and art studio in to one space that promotes intercultural communication and collaboration between artists with diverse and distinct cultural perspectives. We provide a gathering place for globally-minded artists AND art lovers to come to exchange ideas, tips/tricks, and inspiration… all while building new friendships.

Why Urnebes?

Google Translate will translate “urnebes” into English equivalents like pandemonium, commotion, or kerfuffle. However, urnebes is a very versatile word that is used to describe the chaos that can happen in fun, angry, bizarre or hilarious situations.

House of Urnebes was named in recognition of the artistic chaos that will ensue by bringing together artists from different mediums, nationalities, and religions. Just as urnebes can describe happy, angry, and strange chaos, we understand that bringing together artists from different backgrounds can result in beautiful… but also chaotic, emotional, raw, and urnebesni collaborations.

The House

Since the very beginning, this location has always been intended to be a place of comfort and community. Our family is originally from a small town near Kosovska Kamenica. In 1999, as the situation worsened in Kosovo, they decided to move up to Smederevo and create a new life.

Our parents built this house from the ground up. They chose to operate a small market on the first floor; selling snacks, drinks, and other house-hold supplies. The market soon became a community gathering place, with many patrons stopping by not only to buy supplies, but also to have a drink and chat with their neighbors.

After a few years, the war came to an end and our family decided to return home to Kosovska Kamenica. We left Smederevo and the house sat empty for more than 15 years.

Now, we want to bring life back to this once great community gathering space. House of Urnebes was designed to support a passion for art, while giving back to the community that supported our family during a time when we needed it most.

Our Team

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