We don't do this for the income, we do it for the outcome.

House of Urnebes is a social enterprise which works to to encourage and organize intercultural collaborations and interdisciplinary projects. All profits, donations, and sponsorships allow HoU to:

  1. Organize events that bring together international artists
  2. Support marginalized artists
  3. Maintain a safe space for creative free expression in Smederevo.

House of Urnebes is not some other fancy and exclusive art residency, we welcome artists of all skill levels, ethnicities, and income levels. We are excited by raw ideas, pride in cultural heritage, creative free expression, and artists who are willing to explore the unfamiliar for inspiration.

We believe that the best art is created by bringing together diverse artists so they can collaborate and draw inspiration from each other.

To do this, we need YOUR help. Please consider donating what you can.

Past Projects

  • Interior Design Colony>
  • Art and Languages Classes
  • Project No Translation Needed

For upcoming projects please see our event calendar!

Art Studio

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